FSD3409 Notes on Capoeira Angola Practitioners' and Teachers' Interviews 2005-2017

The dataset is (C) available for research only (including Master's, doctoral and Polytechnic/University of Applied Sciences Master's theses). The dataset may not be used for teaching, study (e.g. seminar papers, essays) or other theses (Bachelor's theses or equivalent).

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  • Aula, Inkeri (University of Eastern Finland)


combative sports, community behaviour, dance, religion, slaves


The data consist of notes of interviews with European capoeira enthusiasts and Brazilian capoeira teachers. The notes are in Finnish, and they were written based on Portuguese interviews. The interview themes included e.g. time and reason of starting capoeira, relationship with own capoeira group and teacher, values related to capoeira, religion and spirituality, and the status and role of capoeira in the current world.

Background information included the interviewee's capoeira name, age group, gender, and land of residence.

The data are only available in Finnish. The data were organised into an easy to use HTML version at FSD.

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