FSD3424 FSD Data Reuse 2015-2020

The dataset is (A) openly available for all users without registration (CC BY 4.0).

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  • University of Tampere. Finnish Social Science Data Archive


customers, data, information services, social research


Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD) maintains the online data service Aila where users can download archived digital research data, under certain conditions. This dataset contains information on the data downloaded by Aila clients during the years 2015-2020. The information covers the title, type (quantitative/qualitative) and access conditions (available according to condition A, B, C or D) of each downloaded dataset, as well as purpose of data use and year and month of data download. The dataset also includes information on whether the user downloaded the data from the Finnish or English data catalogue on Aila Data Service. Background variables include the user's home organisation and the country from which the data were downloaded.

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