FSD3489 Perceptions of Workplace Well-being by Early Childhood Education Teachers Working in a Natural Environment 2020

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  • Tammisalo, Venla (Tampere University)


day nurseries, job satisfaction, natural environment, pre-primary education, social support, well-being (health), well-being at work, work communities, working conditions


The dataset consists of 12 interviews with early childhood education teachers who work in forest nursery groups on their views on and experiences of their jobs and occupational well-being. The interviews were conducted virtually on the Microsoft Teams platform.

The interviews consisted of questions that charted the interviewees' work in forest- and nature-oriented early childhood education groups. In forest nursery groups, most of the teaching as well as other nursery activities take place in nature. The interviewees were asked what had led them to work in a forest nursery group, what nature was like as a working environment, and how the natural environment impacted the workplace community. Additionally, the interview included questions on how working in a forest nursery group impacted occupational well-being and how the interviewees' utilised their skills as early childhood educators in the natural environment.

Background information included the date on which the interview was held, the interviewee's age group, gender, education, general work experience, and work experience in forest nursery groups. The data were organised into an easy to use HTML version at FSD.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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