FSD3497 Child Barometer 2020

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  • Office of Ombudsman for Children


adults, children, emotional states, family environment, fear, happiness, preschool children


The study surveyed Finnish six-year-olds' well-being and ideas of good life. The data were collected during the coronavirus pandemic.

The respondents were asked whether they liked going to preschool, whether they liked being at home, whether adults spent enough time with them, how often they received praise and whether they sometimes felt afraid. The open-ended questions (only available in Finnish) charted why the respondents liked or didn't like preschool and home, what they received praise for, what they were afraid of, what they thought was a good place for a child to live in, what made them happy, what they would have wished for from a fairy godmother and what a child needed to feel good and comfortable.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, region and major region of residence as well as the number of parents/guardians and children in the household, parents' education level and financial situation of the household.

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