FSD3520 Future of Youth Work 2030: Group Interviews 2020

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  • HUMAK University of Applied Sciences


COVID-19, adolescents, development, future society, social services, youth, youth organizations, youth work, youth workers


The dataset consists of five focus group interviews on the future of youth work and the needs of the field. The data are part of the research project Tulevaisuuden nuorisotyön tekijät, paikat ja ympäristöt ("Workers, Places and Environments in the Future of Youth Work)" which was conducted by HUMAK University of Applied Sciences. The project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The interviews were framed around set questions and themes. The focus group interviews explored issues such as what youth work competences are now and what they will be in 2030, what changes have taken place in the field, and what societal changes are relevant for youth work. The interviews also discussed digital youth work, youth work at schools, multi-professional cooperation, training in the field, and working life in general. Additionally, the interviews examined how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the skills needed for youth work and the future in general.

The data were collected from youth workers and other professionals in the youth work field. The data do not include background information on the interviewees. In addition to this qualitative dataset, a quantitative dataset (FSD3519 Future of Youth Work and Skills Needs 2020: Survey 2020) that was produced as part of the research project has also been archived at FSD.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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