FSD3564 Homelessness Work in Finland: Workshop Recordings 2020-2021

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  • Tampere University


drug addiction, homelessness, housing, social care, social problems, social work, social workers


This dataset consists of transcribed recordings of workshops that focused on homelessness work and dealing with the challenges encountered by homelessness workers in Finland. The workshops were organised by the research group and attended by homelessness professionals. The data consist of the transcripts of 10 virtual workshops. The data were collected as part of the Collective Professional Agency in Finnish Housing First Work research project.

Main themes discussed during the workshops included, among others, working in challenging or violent situations, organising work activities for and with clients in the housing units, and organising mobile multiprofessional support for clients. The workshops were held with collective professional agency in mind, meaning that the participants reviewed the challenges of homelessness work in an interactive manner, seeking solutions together and combining different perspectives. The workshops were organised using the Zoom platform.

The data do not contain any background information.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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