FSD3643 Joint Statistics of Finnish Scientific Libraries 2020

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educational libraries, libraries, library databases, library facilities, library services, statistical data


The dataset contains annual statistics from Finnish scientific libraries for 2020 according to international library statistics standards. The dataset covers data and indicators on library premises, branches, collections, services, acquisitions, use, users, opening hours, finances, and staff. The statistical data have been collected from the National Library of Finland, university libraries, university of applied sciences libraries and a few specialised libraries. The collecting organisations are specified in the data file.

The collecting organisations compiled the statistical data in accordance with the following standards: SFS-ISO 2789:2015 (International statistical standard for libraries which is based on the main standard ISO 2789:2013 International library statistics), ISO 11620:2014 (Library performance indicators), SFS-ISO 16439:2016 (Methods and procedures for assessing the impact of libraries, based on ISO 16439:2014 Methods and procedures for assessing the impact of libraries), and ISO 21248:2019 (Quality assessment for national libraries). More information on the data collection can be found in the KITT user guide (only in Finnish, see Related Materials).

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