FSD3657 Editorial Staff of Finnish Scientific Publications Survey 2021

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cooperation, learned societies, occupational training, publishing industry, scientific research


The survey charted the occupational training and cooperation needs of editors of scientific publications in Finland with a view to promoting the emergence and take-up of new forms of training and cooperation. The survey was conducted in the spring of 2021 as part of a joint project of ten Finnish scientific publications, funded by the Finnish Association for Scholarly Publishing.

First, respondents were asked which roles they currently had in their editorial boards and which roles they have had in the past. The respondents were then asked whether they had attended any training or induction sessions for editors of scientific publications, which organisations had organised the training and what the training had covered. The respondents were also asked what kind of pedagogy they had found to be effective in the training sessions.

On the topic of information provision, the respondents were asked about the channels through which they had found out about the training opportunities and how they would like to receive information about opportunities for training and cooperation. The respondents were also asked about the topics on which training was needed and how training provision could be improved. In terms of cooperation, the respondents were asked how the scientific publication they worked at was currently cooperating with other scientific publications, what kind of cooperation they were interested in and which communication channels they would like to use for cooperation. Finally, the respondents were asked how the scientific publication they worked at took into account editorial turnover, i.e. the loss of information when editors left and the need for information when new editors joined.

Background variables included the respondent's role in their editorial team and experience of working in an editorial team (in years).

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