FSD3704 Strategic Management of Work Ability and Occupational Healthcare: Personnel Management 2021

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career, job satisfaction, occupational life, occupational safety, personnel, personnel management, personnel policy, public sector, working conditions


The survey studied how the working capacity and careers of the personnel of public sector organizations can be supported by means of management and in cooperation with occupational health care.

First, the survey examined the organization's human resources strategies and objectives related to human resources management. In addition, the questionnaire asked how the organization anticipates the various issues related to human resources and how work ability and well-being are monitored and measured. It was also asked how the organization handles cost data on disability.

The next questions were on how work ability and careers are supported and what measures are taken to this purpose. It was also asked about how occupational health care is organized in the organization and to evaluate the status and successes of occupational health care.

The questionnaire then asked for different perspectives on how to promote and support the careers of employees. Finally, the respondents were asked to assess the quality of occupational health care and were asked about and to evaluate the different active support policies for working capacity.

Background variables included the respondent's job title, whether or not the respondent is a member of a management team and the size of the organization.

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