FSD3783 Citizens' Pulse: Combined Data 2022

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COVID-19, bacterial and virus diseases, communications, dissemination of information, emotional states, energy consumption, energy prices, health, income, international conflict, regulations, trust, vaccination, war, well-being (health)


The Citizens' Pulse surveys examine Finnish attitudes and opinions in the context of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and energy conservation. Main themes in the surveys include the activity and communication of authorities, compliance with regulations, future expectations, trust, and the respondents' own state of mind. This combined dataset includes the 11 Citizens' Pulse surveys conducted in 2022. The variable kierros22 contains information on the collection round in which each question was asked. The questionnaire files (in Finnish) are available in the study descriptions of the individual datasets in the Citizens' Pulse series.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age group, NUTS3 region of residence, highest level of education, household composition, and perceived financial situation of household.

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