FSD3847 Newspaper Articles about Hossa National Park and Evo Hiking Area: List of Works 2012-2023

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conservation of nature, footpaths, hiking, national parks, natural heritage, open spaces and recreational areas


The material includes a list of newspaper articles, which contains information on the Hossa National Park and the Evo Hiking Area.

The list of articles contains the chronologically ordered reference data: the code by which the article is referred to in the research, the name of the author of the article, the title of the article, the title of the publication, the date of the publication, the page number of the article, the type of text (editorial, news, column), the ISSN of the publication, the online address of the article in the National Library's Digi-service (page of the publication), the national park covered in the article and any comment by the researcher on the newspaper or article. The data does not include listed articles, only the above information related to them.

The data was collected in a researcher residency pilot funded by the Mikkeli University Centre.

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