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Upcoming data releases

FSD3267 Interviews of SOS Crisis Center Clients 2017 C Tooltip Qualitative 2019-07-23
FSD3374 Life Stories of Disabled Artists 2018 C Tooltip Qualitative 2020-08-12
FSD3429 Social Workers' Experiences of Political Positions of Trust 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-12-15
FSD2461 Finnish Female Student Interviews 2008-2009 B Tooltip Qualitative 2009-10-28
FSD2867 Historical Consciousness in Finland 2010: Interviews B Tooltip Qualitative 2015-07-13
FSD3295 EduMAP: Interviews with Adult Education Policy-Makers and Personnel on the Social Exclusion of Young Adults 2017: Finland C Tooltip Qualitative 2019-02-15
FSD2785 Partnerships in Early Childhood Education 2004-2006 C Tooltip Qualitative 2013-06-19
FSD2437 Work Fatigue Interviews 2001 C Tooltip Qualitative 2009-10-28
FSD2625 Finnish Images of the Soviet Union, Russians and Estonians 1989 B Tooltip Qualitative 2011-07-25
FSD2194 Young Girls' Mobile Phone Use 2000-2002 B Tooltip Qualitative 2007-06-26
FSD1290 Homosexual Relationships 2001 B Tooltip Qualitative 2005-03-15
FSD2739 Parenthood after Divorce 2011-2012 B Tooltip Qualitative 2012-11-27
FSD3169 Tampere Praksis: Cooperation between Social Counsellor and Social Worker in Family Services B Tooltip Qualitative 2018-03-28
FSD1296 Living with Depression 2002 B Tooltip Qualitative 2005-03-15
FSD3395 Childhood Friendships in 20th Century Finland 2018-2019 B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-06-11
FSD2578 Preventing Youth Social Exclusion 2001-2002: Interviews of Multi-Agency Teams B Tooltip Qualitative 2011-03-28
FSD3029 Research Group Mission and Collaboration in Portugal, Austria and Finland 2012-2013 C Tooltip Qualitative 2016-06-02
FSD3296 EduMAP: Interviews with Adult Education Policy-Makers and Personnel on the Social Exclusion of Young Adults 2017: Estonia C Tooltip Qualitative 2019-04-10
FSD3609 Finnish Experiences of Loneliness 2020-2021 B Tooltip Qualitative 2022-11-22
FSD1297 Opinions on Alcohol 2002 B Tooltip Qualitative 2005-03-15
FSD3326 Experiences of Unsecured Consumer Loans 2018-2019 C Tooltip Qualitative 2019-08-02
FSD1249 Decision on Final Disposal of Nuclear Waste 2001 A Tooltip Qualitative 2007-06-19
FSD3474 Multicultural Young Adults' Views on Multiculturalism in Finland 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-07-05
FSD3148 WeAll Media Data on Equality Issues in Working Life and Education 2016 C Tooltip Qualitative 2018-07-16
FSD3165 Helsinki Deaconess Institute Housing Services 2013 B Tooltip Qualitative 2018-06-28
FSD3139 Pets as Family Members 2014-2015 C Tooltip Qualitative 2018-06-20
FSD3417 Experiences on Partner's Mental Health Problems in Families with Children 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-11-11
FSD3465 Experiences of Social and Health Services in Finland during COVID-19 Pandemic 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2022-02-14
FSD2883 Young People and Politics 2009: Essay Responses B Tooltip Qualitative 2014-12-31
FSD3225 Well-Being of Economics and Computer Science Students 2017-2018 B Tooltip Qualitative 2019-07-19
FSD2198 Young Boys' Mobile Phone Use 1999 B Tooltip Qualitative 2007-06-26
FSD2204 Family Interviews on Children's Mobile Phone Use 1999 B Tooltip Qualitative 2007-06-26
FSD2327 Jyväskylä Street Mission Interviews 2004-2006 C Tooltip Qualitative 2008-04-29
FSD3079 Memories and Mental Images of Phenomena Related to Radioactivity 2015 B Tooltip Qualitative 2017-07-07
FSD3511 Parents' Experiences of Peer Support Groups as Part of Non-institutional Social Care in Child Welfare 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2022-07-22
FSD2692 Substance Abuse Treatment: Reasons for Career Choice 2008 B Tooltip Qualitative 2012-07-20
FSD3406 100 Minutes of Art 2019: Individuals B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-03-17
FSD2126 Presidential Elections 2006: Candidate Responses to HS Candidate Selector C Tooltip Qualitative 2007-06-21
FSD2759 Environment and Climate Change in My Life 2010-2011: Writing Competition C Tooltip Qualitative 2012-11-28
FSD3584 Finnish Memories of Childhood Fears 2020-2021 B Tooltip Qualitative 2022-08-04
FSD1358 Alcohol Problems and Policy 1995: Group Interviews B Tooltip Qualitative 2007-06-20
FSD2957 Amateur Naturalism and Activities of Nature and Wildlife Organizations: Observation Notes 2006-2011 C Tooltip Qualitative 2015-07-14
FSD2142 Appearance of Mobile Phones in Schools 1997-2000: Teacher Interviews B Tooltip Qualitative 2007-06-25
FSD3617 Finnish Experiences of Disability and Aging 2021 D Tooltip Qualitative 2022-07-18
FSD3412 Finnish Memories of Life-changing Teachers 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-06-04
FSD3428 Under 40-year-old Parents' Perceptions of Parenthood 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2022-03-24
FSD1267 Unfaithfulness in Steady Relationships 2001 B Tooltip Qualitative 2005-03-10
FSD3147 Tampere Praksis: Service Counsellor and Service Manager Views on Family Service Counselling 2016 B Tooltip Qualitative 2018-08-01
FSD2963 Interviews of Theatre Critics 2004-2009 C Tooltip Qualitative 2015-07-15
FSD3243 Young People in the Limelight: Photography Workshops 2015-2016 B Tooltip Qualitative 2019-07-02