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Upcoming data releases

FSD3082 Children's Experiences of Day Nursery Playing 2012 C Tooltip Qualitative 2016-06-13
FSD3407 100 Minutes of Art 2019: Communities B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-03-17
FSD3660 Interviews with Elderly People Participating in the Elämänote Programme Project Activities 2019-2020 C Tooltip Qualitative 2022-12-28
FSD3298 EduMAP: Interviews with Adult Education Policy-Makers and Personnel on the Social Exclusion of Young Adults 2017: Greece C Tooltip Qualitative 2019-04-10
FSD3486 Finnish Archaeological Finds Recording Linked Open Database: Interviews on User Needs 2018-2019 C Tooltip Qualitative 2021-09-29
FSD3778 A Year of COVID-19: Finnish Experiences of Everyday Life during the Pandemic 2021 B Tooltip Qualitative 2024-03-04
FSD3520 Future of Youth Work 2030: Group Interviews 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2023-02-05
FSD3218 Young People in the Limelight: Photography Workshop in a Youth Cafe 2015 B Tooltip Qualitative 2018-12-11
FSD3165 Helsinki Deaconess Institute Housing Services 2013 B Tooltip Qualitative 2018-06-28
FSD3564 Homelessness Work in Finland: Workshop Recordings 2020-2021 C Tooltip Qualitative 2022-05-23
FSD2963 Interviews of Theatre Critics 2004-2009 C Tooltip Qualitative 2015-07-15
FSD3607 Role of Media in Everyday Life and One Day Media Diaries 2021 B Tooltip Qualitative 2022-11-15
FSD3370 Substance Abuse Treatment in Community Sanctions Offices: Client Meetings 2007-2009 C Tooltip Qualitative 2021-02-25
FSD2139 Survey of Foreign Students in Five Finnish Universities 2005: Partial Data B Tooltip Qualitative 2007-06-21
FSD2305 Jyväskylä Longitudinal Study of Personality and Social Development (JYLS): Interviews of 14-Year-Olds 1974: Text Data D Tooltip Qualitative 2008-04-14
FSD2956 Amateur Naturalism and Activities of Nature and Wildlife Organizations: Interviews 2002-2011 C Tooltip Qualitative 2015-07-14
FSD2851 Interviews of Recruitment Consultants 2013 C Tooltip Qualitative 2015-07-16
FSD2639 Experiences of Participation in the Youth Arts Programme "Myrsky": Interviews 2008-2010 B Tooltip Qualitative 2011-08-01
FSD2327 Jyväskylä Street Mission Interviews 2004-2006 C Tooltip Qualitative 2008-04-29
FSD3428 Under 40-year-old Parents' Perceptions of Parenthood 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2022-03-24
FSD3241 Significance of Gender in Basic Education 2018 B Tooltip Qualitative 2019-07-15
FSD2842 Gatherings of Finnish Male Pensioners on a Market Square 2011 C Tooltip Qualitative 2014-02-19
FSD2193 Mobile Phone Use of Late Teens 2000-2002 B Tooltip Qualitative 2007-06-26
FSD3222 Young People in the Limelight: Creative Writing Workshop 2015 B Tooltip Qualitative 2019-07-18
FSD3416 Church Resignation Forms Filed in Finland: Reasons for Resigning 2019 C Tooltip Qualitative 2020-07-01
FSD2965 Female Linux Users: Interviews 2010-2012 B Tooltip Qualitative 2015-07-15
FSD1267 Unfaithfulness in Steady Relationships 2001 B Tooltip Qualitative 2005-03-10
FSD2403 Pregnancy and Childbirth Stories 2001-2007 C Tooltip Qualitative 2009-09-30
FSD2716 Community-based Mental Health Rehabilitation of Young Adults 2010-2012: Staff Group Interviews D Tooltip Qualitative 2012-07-24
FSD2471 Single Parent Interviews 2001 and 2003 B Tooltip Qualitative 2009-12-18
FSD2518 Everyday Experiences of Poverty: Study, Research and Teaching Material 2006 B Tooltip Qualitative 2010-06-16
FSD3514 Interviews with Participants of NASTA Training by Women's National Emergency Preparedness Association 2018-2019 C Tooltip Qualitative 2022-09-02
FSD3361 Novice Teacher Experiences of Vocal Issues 2019 B Tooltip Qualitative 2020-07-02
FSD3294 Interviews of NEET Youth and Preparatory Vocational Education Project Workers 2013 C Tooltip Qualitative 2019-08-05
FSD3019 Interviews of Business Managers and Executive Search Professionals 2014-2015 C Tooltip Qualitative 2015-07-20
FSD2203 Family Interviews on Children's Mobile Phone Use 1998 B Tooltip Qualitative 2007-06-26
FSD2394 Women without Spouse and Children 2004: Interviews for Teaching and Research Purposes B Tooltip Qualitative 2008-11-24
FSD2426 Occupational Identities of Fixed-Term Employees 2006 B Tooltip Qualitative 2009-08-11
FSD1304 Homosexuality in a Daily Newspaper B Tooltip Qualitative 2005-03-17
FSD2784 Disciplinary Differences in Publishing Practices 2007: Professor Interviews B Tooltip Qualitative 2013-07-04
FSD3344 Men Living without a Steady Relationship 2018-2019 D Tooltip Qualitative 2021-02-10
FSD3411 University Students' Perceptions of Expertise 2019-2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2020-12-10
FSD3460 Residents' Experiences of the Petäjävesi Water Crisis 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-06-01
FSD3524 Anonymous Questions and Expert Responses in the Sinuiksi Online Question and Answer Service 2014-2015 A Tooltip Qualitative 2023-06-14
FSD3343 Lower Secondary Student Views on Gender Roles and Life 2017-2018 C Tooltip Qualitative 2021-01-07
FSD3351 Interviews with Descendants of Finnish Workers in Kostamus 2018 C Tooltip Qualitative 2020-06-08
FSD3603 University Students' Views on the Future 2021 B Tooltip Qualitative 2023-07-06
FSD3426 Social Research Students' Views on Forming Political Opinions 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-02-10
FSD2141 Elderly and Mobile Phones 1999 and 2002 B Tooltip Qualitative 2007-06-25
FSD2883 Young People and Politics 2009: Essay Responses B Tooltip Qualitative 2014-12-31