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Upcoming data releases

FSD3896 Citizen's Pulse 5/2024 A Tooltip Quantitative 2024-07-03
FSD3886 Citizen's Pulse 4/2024 A Tooltip Quantitative 2024-07-02
FSD3873 Knowledge Attainment, Learning Approaches, and Self-perceived Study Burnout among European Veterinary Students 2023 B Tooltip Quantitative 2024-07-04
FSD3866 Citizen's Pulse 3/2024 A Tooltip Quantitative 2024-06-28
FSD3859 Citizen's Pulse 2/2024 A Tooltip Quantitative 2024-03-13
FSD3856 Finnish Opinions on Security Policy and National Defence 2023 B Tooltip Quantitative 2024-03-14
FSD3851 Citizen's Pulse 1/2024 A Tooltip Quantitative 2024-03-06
FSD3850 Memories of Loneliness Experienced in Adolescence by over 30-Year-Olds 2023-2024 B Tooltip Qualitative 2024-06-12
FSD3847 Newspaper Articles about Hossa National Park and Evo Hiking Area: List of Works 2012-2023 A Tooltip Qualitative 2024-05-07
FSD3845 Forest Owners in Natural Springs Restoration Projects: Interviews 2012 B Tooltip Qualitative 2024-05-17
FSD3844 Residents' Barometer 2022 B Tooltip Quantitative 2024-07-04
FSD3843 Church Resignation Forms Filed in Finland: Reasons for Resigning 2023 C Tooltip Qualitative 2024-03-20
FSD3842 Experiences of Using Boundaries as a Coping Tool in Personal Relationships with People with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems 2023-2024 B Tooltip Qualitative 2024-07-02
FSD3840 Citizen's Pulse 10/2023 A Tooltip Quantitative 2024-03-06
FSD3839 Citizen's Pulse 9/2023 A Tooltip Quantitative 2024-03-06
FSD3836 Effectivity of Promotion of Social Inclusion, Well-being, and Activeness (ESF): Interviews 2019-2022 C Tooltip Qualitative 2024-06-10
FSD3829 Young people's Action Competence and Agency in Promoting Sustainability 2021 D Tooltip Quantitative 2024-07-08
FSD3827 EVA Survey on Finnish Values and Attitudes Autumn 2023 B Tooltip Quantitative 2024-04-04
FSD3826 Citizen's Pulse 8/2023 A Tooltip Quantitative 2023-10-31
FSD3821 Citizen's Pulse 7/2023 A Tooltip Quantitative 2023-10-12
FSD3820 Culture and Leisure in Finland 2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2024-05-02
FSD3819 Gerontological Regional Database (GERDA) Survey 2021-2022 D Tooltip Quantitative 2024-06-06
FSD3816 Ecosocial Well-being and Inclusion: Resident Interviews 2021 B Tooltip Qualitative 2024-07-02
FSD3808 Citizens' Pulse 6/2023 A Tooltip Quantitative 2023-10-09
FSD3798 Health and Digital Gaming: Follow-up Gamer Interviews 2022 D Tooltip Qualitative 2024-03-04
FSD3790 Citizens' Pulse 5/2023 A Tooltip Quantitative 2023-07-14
FSD3789 Citizens' Opinion: Parliamentary Election Surveys 2023 D Tooltip Quantitative 2024-03-13
FSD3788 Register Data on Vacancies Notified to Public Employment Service 2022 B Tooltip Quantitative 2023-11-02
FSD3787 Tampere University Students' Political Efficacy 2022 B Tooltip Quantitative 2024-06-19
FSD3786 Child Welfare in the Best Interest of the Child: Interviews 2021-2022 C Tooltip Qualitative 2024-07-04
FSD3785 Finnish Science Barometer 2022 B Tooltip Quantitative 2023-07-26
FSD3784 Finnish Working Life Barometer 2022 B Tooltip Quantitative 2023-10-13
FSD3783 Citizens' Pulse: Combined Data 2022 A Tooltip Quantitative 2023-07-20
FSD3782 Citizens' Pulse 4/2023 A Tooltip Quantitative 2023-06-05
FSD3781 EVA Survey on Finnish Values and Attitudes Spring 2023 B Tooltip Quantitative 2023-10-30
FSD3780 EVA Survey on Finnish Values and Attitudes Autumn 2022 B Tooltip Quantitative 2023-08-04
FSD3779 Finns and Democracy 2020 B Tooltip Quantitative 2024-07-09
FSD3778 A Year of COVID-19: Finnish Experiences of Everyday Life during the Pandemic 2021 B Tooltip Qualitative 2024-03-04
FSD3777 Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns B5/2021 D Tooltip Quantitative 2024-07-12
FSD3776 Finnish Memories of Cars and Driving 2022 B Tooltip Qualitative 2024-03-04
FSD3773 Citizens' Pulse 3/2023 A Tooltip Quantitative 2023-06-05
FSD3772 Experiences of Being Talked Past in the Daily Lives of Disabled People 2023 B Tooltip Qualitative 2024-03-04
FSD3770 Loneliness Barometer 2023 B Tooltip Quantitative 2024-06-10
FSD3768 YouGamble 2019: Spanish Data B Tooltip Quantitative 2024-04-04
FSD3767 YouGamble 2018: South Korean Data B Tooltip Quantitative 2024-04-04
FSD3766 Finland 2019: Consumer Habits and Lifestyle B Tooltip Quantitative 2024-06-20
FSD3758 Citizens' Pulse 2/2023 A Tooltip Quantitative 2023-04-12
FSD3757 Citizens' Pulse 1/2023 A Tooltip Quantitative 2023-04-09
FSD3754 Public Procurement Notices 2022 A Tooltip Quantitative 2023-06-07
FSD3752 Finnish Opinions on Security Policy and National Defence 2022: Autumn B Tooltip Quantitative 2023-10-27