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In total 841 datasets.
FSD3787 Tampere University Students' Political Efficacy 2022 B Tooltip Quantitative 2024-06-19
FSD3673 Digital Gaming, Work and Health Survey 2022 B Tooltip Quantitative 2024-06-18
FSD3689 Digital Gaming, Work and Health Survey 2021 B Tooltip Quantitative 2024-06-18
FSD3850 Memories of Loneliness Experienced in Adolescence by over 30-Year-Olds 2023-2024 B Tooltip Qualitative 2024-06-12
FSD3770 Loneliness Barometer 2023 B Tooltip Quantitative 2024-06-10
FSD3836 Effectivity of Promotion of Social Inclusion, Well-being, and Activeness (ESF): Interviews 2019-2022 C Tooltip Qualitative 2024-06-10
FSD3819 Gerontological Regional Database (GERDA) Survey 2021-2022 D Tooltip Quantitative 2024-06-06
FSD3657 Editorial Staff of Finnish Scientific Publications Survey 2021 B Tooltip Quantitative 2024-05-28
FSD3845 Forest Owners in Natural Springs Restoration Projects: Interviews 2012 B Tooltip Qualitative 2024-05-17
FSD3696 Mobile Youth Work: Interviews with Youth Workers and Youth 2021-2022 C Tooltip Qualitative 2024-05-16
FSD3735 Drinking Habits of Finnish Adolescents 2019-2022 C Tooltip Qualitative 2024-05-14
FSD3847 Newspaper Articles about Hossa National Park and Evo Hiking Area: List of Works 2012-2023 A Tooltip Qualitative 2024-05-07
FSD3820 Culture and Leisure in Finland 2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2024-05-02
FSD3738 Finnish Experiences of Running Away from Substitute Care 2022-2023 B Tooltip Qualitative 2024-04-05
FSD3608 Finnish Maternity Package Memories 2020-2021 B Tooltip Qualitative 2024-04-02
FSD3691 Women's Careers in Health Technology Research and Innovation 2018-2020 C Tooltip Qualitative 2024-03-20
FSD3705 Focus Group Interviews on the Youth Obligation to Apply for Education 2021 B Tooltip Qualitative 2024-03-13
FSD3604 Coaching Encounters in Rehabilitative Work Activities 2019-2020 D Tooltip Qualitative 2024-03-07
FSD3453 Implementation of Intervention Strategies for Physical Activity Promotion in Upper Secondary Schools: Interviews with Students in Teacher Education 2017-2018 D Tooltip Qualitative 2024-03-05
FSD3778 A Year of COVID-19: Finnish Experiences of Everyday Life during the Pandemic 2021 B Tooltip Qualitative 2024-03-04
FSD3776 Finnish Memories of Cars and Driving 2022 B Tooltip Qualitative 2024-03-04
FSD3772 Experiences of Being Talked Past in the Daily Lives of Disabled People 2023 B Tooltip Qualitative 2024-03-04
FSD3798 Health and Digital Gaming: Follow-up Gamer Interviews 2022 D Tooltip Qualitative 2024-03-04
FSD3723 News Articles about COVID-19 in Helsingin Sanomat, Asahi Shimbun and Dagens Nyheter 2020 C Tooltip Qualitative 2023-10-11
FSD3650 Tackling Biases and Bubbles in Participation: Survey for Decision-Makers 2020 B Tooltip Quantitative 2023-10-10
FSD3649 Tackling Biases and Bubbles in Participation: COVID-19 Survey 2020 B Tooltip Quantitative 2023-10-08
FSD3648 Tackling Biases and Bubbles in Participation: Citizen Survey 2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2023-10-06
FSD3594 Social Networks of Children and their Parents in the Turku Region 2018 D Tooltip Quantitative 2023-10-05
FSD3690 University of Texas at Austin Student Survey on the Campus Carry Gun Legislation 2019 B Tooltip Quantitative 2023-10-03
FSD3647 Teachers' and Guidance Counsellors' Views on Gender and Culture Sensitive Career Guidance 2020 C Tooltip Qualitative 2023-08-30
FSD3733 Classroom Teachers' Experiences of Distance Teaching 2020 C Tooltip Qualitative 2023-08-28
FSD3734 Classroom Teacher Students' Views on Reasons to Not Pursue Teacher Training 2019 C Tooltip Qualitative 2023-08-10
FSD3726 Young Adults' Experiences of Limiting their Social Media Use 2021 C Tooltip Qualitative 2023-08-10
FSD3586 Parish Image and Knowledge Survey 2021 B Tooltip Quantitative 2023-08-08
FSD3605 Interviews with Coaches and Coachees and Coaching Session Recordings from an Intermediate Labour Market Workshop 2014-2016 D Tooltip Qualitative 2023-08-07
FSD3710 Membership Survey of Learned Societies 2022 C Tooltip Quantitative 2023-08-02
FSD3499 Everyday Life and Physical Appearance 2016 C Tooltip Quantitative 2023-07-28
FSD3596 Learned Societies in Finland 2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2023-07-27
FSD3688 Public Employment and Business Services in Finland: Survey for Experts in TE Offices and Local Government 2021 B Tooltip Quantitative 2023-07-26
FSD3687 Public Employment and Business Services in Finland: Survey for Employers 2021 B Tooltip Quantitative 2023-07-26
FSD3565 Everyday Media Use: Survey for 16-30-Year-Olds 2020 C Tooltip Quantitative 2023-07-25
FSD3658 Twitter Use of Diplomats and Foreign Policy Professionals Survey 2021 B Tooltip Quantitative 2023-07-25
FSD3557 Digital Citizenship and Access to Services in Rural Areas: Public Authority Survey 2017 B Tooltip Quantitative 2023-07-21
FSD3556 Digital Citizenship and Access to Services in Rural Areas: Citizen Survey 2016 B Tooltip Quantitative 2023-07-20
FSD3685 Health and Digital Gaming: Expert Interviews 2021 D Tooltip Qualitative 2023-07-19
FSD3498 Everyday Life and Participation 2017 C Tooltip Quantitative 2023-07-18
FSD3563 18-25-Year-Olds' Experiences of Wearing Face Masks during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Finland 2020-2021 C Tooltip Qualitative 2023-07-18
FSD3672 Child-up: Interviews with Professionals Working with Children with Immigrant Backgrounds 2020-2021 B Tooltip Qualitative 2023-07-18
FSD3678 Health and Digital Gaming: Gamer Interviews 2021 D Tooltip Qualitative 2023-07-18
FSD3597 Protective Behaviours of Finnish People during the COVID-19 Pandemic 2021 B Tooltip Quantitative 2023-07-17