Version 2.0 (2020)
Finnish Social Science Data Archive
University of Tampere

General Terms and Conditions for Data Use

1. Scope of terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions for data use apply when downloading datasets that require registration with Aila. The terms and conditions do not apply to datasets that are freely available under the CC BY 4.0 license.

2. Terms and conditions are binding

The user agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of data use specified below. The licence to use the data is personal to the user. Each user shall read and individually agree to the terms and conditions.

The Finnish Social Science Data Archive (henceforth "the archive") has the right to close the user account of any user who has breached the terms and notify the user's home organization and research funders of the breach.

3. Client register

The contact information of data users will be retained in the archive's client register (see Privacy Notice).

The archive has the right to inform the original data creators of the users of their data.

4. Purpose of use and disposal of data

The user undertakes to use the data only for the purpose stated, after which the data must be securely erased.

If the user wishes to use the data for some other purpose, she or he has apply for a new licence of use from the archive.

5. Data security

The user undertakes to provide a sufficient level of data security in the storage, use and transfer of data. The user ensures that no third parties have access to the data.

6. Data protection and research ethics

When using the data, the user shall not compromise the confidentiality and privacy of individuals or bodies connected to the data.

The user shall preserve the confidentiality of information also when publishing results obtained from the data.

The user undertakes to comply with specific restrictions set out for the use of a particular dataset, if there are any.

The user shall follow the ethical guidelines drawn up by the National Advisory Board on Research Integrity in Finland when using the data.

7. Copyright and citation

The data and its original creators shall be cited in all publications and presentations for which the data have been used. The original creators of the data retain the copyright and related intellectual property rights in the data.

8. Responsibilities, errors and deficiencies relating to the data

The original data creators and the data archive bear no responsibility for any errors or deficiencies in the data.

The user shall notify the archive of any errors or deficiencies detected in the data.

The original data creators and the archive bear no responsibility for any results or interpretations arising from the reuse of the data.

9. Notification of publications

The user shall notify the archive of all publications and presentations where she or he has used the data.