FSD1029 Finnish Voter Barometer August-September 1992

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elections, local government elections, political attitudes, political behaviour, political leaders, political parties, political support, voting


In the survey, the attitudes of the Finns towards the different political parties was studied. The respondents were asked how favourably or negatively they viewed the Centre Party of Finland, the Finnish Social Democratic Party, The National Coalition Party, the Left Alliance, and the Green League. A list of qualities or attributes was presented to the respondents and they were asked to which parties these attributes could be applied. Views were also probed on the significance of the party leader and other prominent members for the party's support. The respondents were asked how tempted they were to vote for different parties and for what parties they could think of voting, and when choosing a candidate in the forthcoming municipal elections, which was more important, the party or the candidate as a person. The respondents were also asked against which party or group they would vote in the elections. In addition, the respondents were asked whether they took care of buying groceries or cooking in the household.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, year of birth, marital status, gross annual income, age of children, municipality type, province of residence, economic activity, employer type, field of employment, membership in a trade union, mother tongue, which party R had voted for in the 1991 parliamentary elections, and which party would vote for if the parliamentary elections were held at that time.

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