FSD1109 Confidence in Courts of Justice: Extraordinary Appeals 1989-1998

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  • Ahonen, Timo (University of Turku. Faculty of Law)
  • Laitinen, Ahti (University of Turku. Faculty of Law)
  • Niskanen, Hannu (University of Turku. Faculty of Law)


appeals (law), judgments (law), legal decisions, supreme courts


The study charted extraordinary appeals in order to study citizens' lack of confidence in the courts of justice and to assess the extent and structure of this distrust. Variables included the types of cases against which appeals were filed, petitioner's position, as well as the types of criminal and civil cases. The decisions against which appeals were lodged, main grounds for appeals and the final outcome of the appeal were studied.

Background variables included the year of the appeal, and whether the petitioner was an authority or a civilian.

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