FSD1141 Shipyard Employee Survey 1992

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  • Niemelä, Jukka (Turku School of Economics)


construction industry, industrial workers, information transfer, job sharing, labour policy, management, occupational life, organizations, strikes, trade unions, wages policy, working conditions


In the present survey, attitudes of the employees of two Finnish shipyards were studied. The survey focused on the employees' perceptions of the shipyard as an employer, on payment plans, and on the changes that have taken place in work organisation and contents. In addition, distinctive work characteristics, impediments in working conditions, co-operation between the occupational groups, as well as production and planning were studied. The respondents were asked whether there were any conflicting interests in relation to the employer. Relationship between the superiors and the employees, the systems of participation, and the flow of information were also probed. Finally, the respondents' attitudes towards strikes, trade unions, and negotiation relations were studied.

Background questions included the respondent's basic and vocational education, and the duration of employment.

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