FSD1208 Regional Differences in the Information Society 2001

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  • Inkinen, Tommi (University of Turku. Department of Geography)


Internet, computers, e-mail, information networks, information society, media literacy, mobile phones, telephone communication


The survey studied people's views and experiences of the information society in Finland. The respondents were asked what the information society means to them and whether they feel they belong to it. They were asked whether they own a computer and for which purpose they use it.

In connection with information networks, the survey explored the use of e-mail, its principal characteristics, its significance to the respondents, their views on the security of e-mail communication and the significance of e-mail for distance work (home-based work). The survey investigated the frequency and reasons for Internet use. The respondents were asked whether they use the Internet for purchasing goods (e-commerce), net banking or maintaining friendships. Respondents also gave their opinion of whether the Internet affects friendships, makes distance irrelevant or has advantages for information searching. The respondents' views on Internet "virtual travel" and the authenticity of Internet-transmitted experiences were also surveyed.

The use of mobile phones was surveyed by asking whether the respondents own a mobile phone, how they use it, has it changed their telephone communication or the way of maintaining friendships. Respondents were also asked whether the workplace has become less important in the era of wireless telecommunications and whether the mobile phone helps daily routines. The non-owners of mobile phones were asked whether they had any buying intentions. Background variables included sex, age, household composition, occupation, education, income, municipality of residence and ownership of a car.

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