FSD2094 Finnish Local Government Barometer 2004: Members of Municipal Councils

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councillors, local government, local government policy, local government services, municipalities, political influence


The survey charted councillor opinions on citizen influence and participation, municipal decision-making, municipal services, and municipal mergers. Councillor characteristics and policies were also studied.

First, the respondents were asked to what extent they agreed with several statements relating to municipal referendums, ways of increasing citizen influence and participation, and the role of councillors and political parties in municipal decision-making. Opinions on the sufficiency of local government service provision (e.g. schools, child day care, primary health care) were studied. One question explored the characteristics of the councillors and policies they promote (e.g. oppose cuts in municipal service provision, well-educated, active in fighting corruption). The respondents were asked to what extent a number of opinions and statements corresponded with their own views on municipal administration and services.

Views were also probed on what kind of impact a merger of the municipality with a neighbouring municipality/municipalities would have on citizen influence, standard of living, housing construction, public transport, shopping facilities, education, municipal taxes and services, etc. Background variables included the number of inhabitants in the municipality, the respondent's gender and political party identification.

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