FSD2181 Finnish Local Government 2004: Primary Health Care 2003: Joint Authorities

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  • Isosaari, Ulla (University of Vaasa)


community health services, dental care, development, health care costs, health care facilities, health professionals, health services, hospital districts, hospital services, joint authorities, local government services, medical care, medical centres, medical specialists, physicians, resources, strategies


The survey focused on primary health care in Finland, how Finnish municipalities organise, produce and manage the services, what kind of changes have been made, and what are the strategies for the future. This survey was aimed at municipalities which organise health services in co-operation with other municipalities, through joint authority. Similar surveys were conducted in 1997 and 2000.

Questions covered primary health care service provision, and purchasing and competitive tendering of services. The respondents were asked to what extent they agreed with a number of statements pertaining to health care resources and facilities, and the joint authority. One topic pertained to what kind of specialist health care services the joint authority provided, and how such services were organised. Health care development strategies and plans were studied. Further questions covered the use of family doctor system, use of client satisfaction surveys, dental care, division of tasks between doctors and nurses, and the role of the municipal committee responsible for health services.

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