FSD2576 Smash Asem, Legal Proceedings and the Media 2008

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  • Noppari, Elina (University of Tampere. School of Communication, Media and Theatre)
  • Reunanen, Esa (University of Tampere. School of Communication, Media and Theatre)


anarchism, civil and political rights, civil disturbances, court cases, democracy, demonstrations (protests), mass media, policing, political power, social protest


The study investigated legal processes and the role and power of the media in connection with the Smash Asem demonstration in Helsinki, Finland in 2006.

The dataset consists of interviews of individuals involved in the demonstration itself or its consequences, such as activists, police authorities, other authorities, researchers and high-ranking authorities of the judiciary. In addition to the role and significance of the media, the interviews also covered civil rights and the exercise of police powers.

The interviews were conducted as part of a larger research project "Media as a Holder and a Vehicle of Power", which includes three other datasets (FSD2505 Labour Conflict of the Nurses and the Media 2007-2008, FSD2504 Media and Power 2009, and FSD2577 Creation of the Innovation University and the Media 2008).

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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