FSD2588 Ethnic heterogeneity and ethnic conflicts 2003-2010

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  • Vanhanen, Tatu


assault, civil disturbances, discrimination, ethnic conflict, ethnic groups, ethnic minorities, intergroup relations, nepotism, racial discrimination


This database on the measures of ethnic heterogeneity and ethnic conflicts in 176 contemporary countries is connected with Tatu Vanhanen's long-term research project on the causal relationship between ethnic nepotism and the extent of ethnic conflict and violence in the world. The measures are: Ethnic Heterogeneity (EH) that measures to some extent the significance and potential intensity of ethnic nepotism; Scale of Institutionalized Ethnic Interest Conflict (IC) that is used to measure the estimated significance of principally nonviolent ethnic conflicts; and Scale of Ethnic Violence (EV) that is intended to measure the relative significance of violent ethnic confict in a country. The estimated scores are based on incidents during the period 2003-2010, and the database also contains brief references to the nature of conflicts. See background information for detailed information of the measures and used sources.

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