FSD2757 Interviews of the Academy of Finland Research Professors 1994-1996

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  • Kaukonen, Erkki (University of Tampere. Research Institute for Social Sciences)
  • Alestalo, Marja (University of Helsinki. Department of Sociology)


career, career development, elite, globalization, higher education institutions, research, research workers, science, science policy, scientific personnel


The data consist of 58 transcribed interviews of Academy of Finland Research Professors (nowadays Academy Professors) who held the post between 1975 and 1995.

A permeating theme in the interviews was the internationalization of Finnish scientific research. Discussions covered the impact of the focus areas chosen in Finnish research policy, i.e. internationalization and advancing high-level research, on the interviewees' fields of study. Other topics included the interviewees' research careers, choosing research topics, and the procedure involved in appointing a Research Professor.

The interviewees were selected through judgment sampling. The accuracy of transcriptions made from interview recordings varied between interviews and topics. Some topics were not transcribed at all.

Background variables included the interviewee's name, year of birth, field of study and organization.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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