FSD2774 Sport and Exercise Survey for Tampere Universities 2012

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  • Collin, Helena (University of Tampere)
  • Gad, Taha (Tampere University of Technology)
  • Juntunen, Anssi (Tampere University of Technology)
  • Tamminen, Markku (Tampere University of Technology)
  • Tirkkonen, Esko (Tampere University of Applied Sciences)


exercise (physical activity), higher and further education teaching personnel, hobbies, physical activities, sport, students (college), tertiary education


The study investigated the exercise behaviour of the students and personnel in higher education institutions in Tampere (Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tampere University of Technology and University of Tampere). In the spring of 2012, there were plans to provide common sports services with a single fee to students and personnel of all higher education institutions in Tampere and the study also charted the respondents' views on these plans.

The respondents' exercise habits were first investigated. Questions covered the average number of times exercised in one week and the average duration of each bout of exercise. Those respondents who did exercise were asked how often they used different university sports services (e.g. gym, group exercise classes) and whether they did other exercise besides that provided by the university sports services.

Those who exercised outside the institution's sports services were asked how often they used different sports services of another sports provider, what other sports they did, and whether they would start using the university sports services if these provided the opportunity to practice their sport. Further, they were asked to what extent they agreed with several statements relating to the sports services provided by other sports providers. Those who did not exercise or exercised rarely were asked for their reasons.

Regarding the common sports services to students of all universities in Tampere area, the respondents were asked which services they would use, how often and on which campus(es), if this sort of possibility was offered. Reasons for choosing one campus over another as the place to go for sport services were queried. The effects of the integration of sports services on the respondents' exercise behaviour were charted. The respondents were asked if they would practice more different kinds of sport as a result of the integrated sports services and whether they would exercise more with friends.

Views on the effects of the integration (on quality and the number of service users) was surveyed as well as the attitudes toward the plans to integrate services.

Background variables included, among others, the respondent's gender, year of birth, and economic activity. Relating to location, the respondent was asked the university closest to their residence and to rate the distances of the three universities. Degree students were asked the number of years studied.

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