FSD2818 Sexual Minorities at Work 2003: Open-ended Responses

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  • Lehtonen, Jukka P. (University of Helsinki. Department of Behavioural Sciences)
  • Mustola, Kati (University of Helsinki. Department of Social Research)


bisexuality, career, discrimination, equal opportunity, homosexuality, minority groups, occupational life, sexual identity, sexual orientation, working conditions


The dataset contains the responses to the open-ended questions in Sexual Minorities at Work 2003 study (FSD2796). This separate dataset has been created because it was not possible to fully include the responses in the quantitative dataset. The study explored the work-related circumstances and experiences of sexual minorities in Finland. The study was part of the EQUAL Initiative - funded by the European Social Fund and Ministry of Employment, Finland - whose aim was to chart and improve the labour market position of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans people.

Only the responses of the 490 respondents who filled in the online questionnaire were included. 11 respondents responded in Swedish. The respondents were people who were working or had worked in Finland and who felt they belonged to a sexual minority. Themes of the open-ended questions included effects of sexual orientation on the education and career choices, openness towards sexual minorities at the workplace, discrimination, and membership of a professional association.

The open-ended responses can be connected to the responses in the quantitative data by using the respondent number.

This qualitative dataset is only available in Finnish (and partially in Swedish).

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