FSD2920 Interviews on the History of the Prosecutor's Office of Helsinki 2013

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  • Jansson, Julia (Prosecutor's Office of Helsinki)


court cases, court officials and personnel, courts, history, judges, law, lawyers, legal procedure, legal profession


This qualitative dataset comprises recordings of interviews covering the organisational history of the Prosecutor's Office of Helsinki over the decades, and changes in the prosecutors' work, nature of cases, prosecutor training, and management practices. Other main topics were practices of the office, major changes in the organisation, cooperation with other stakeholders, specialization of prosecutors, and the interviewees' work history and career.

Most interviews were individual face-to-face interviews but there was one face-to-face interview with two interviewees and two telephone interviews. The interviewees were staff members or former staff members of the Prosecutor's Office of Helsinki and other professionals (e.g. lawyers, judges, policemen, summoners and prosecutors of the Finnish prosecution services) whose job had involved working closely with the Prosecutor's Office of Helsinki. They were interviewed as experts and appeared in their own name. Background information included the interviewee's name, year of birth, education and work history.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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