FSD3084 Doctoral Student Survey 2015

The dataset is (C) available for research only (including Master's, doctoral and Polytechnic/University of Applied Sciences Master's theses). The dataset may not be used for teaching, study (e.g. seminar papers, essays) or other theses (Bachelor's theses or equivalent).

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  • Aalto University Doctoral Student Association


educational certificates, employment opportunities, higher education institutions, post-graduates, research finance, research grants, research workers, researchers, tertiary education (second stage)


The data charted the position, well-being and working experiences of doctoral students at Finnish universities.

First, the respondents were asked about the funding of their studies as well as employment outside and at the university, how far they were in their studies, and what factors affected their studies negatively or positively. Their average weekly working time and satisfaction in their funding were also surveyed.

Next, the quality of supervision received by the respondents was examined. The respondents were also asked if they worked as part of a research team and if the collaboration had been satisfactory or not. It was also examined whether the respondents had witnessed or been a victim of harassment or discrimination.

The future plans of the respondents were charted with questions about the possibility of employment in a variety of fields (e.g. university professor, politician, government official, entrepreneur or researcher) and how attractive the respondents found these positions. The respondents were also asked if they would prefer to work in Finland or some other country.

Finally, the well-being of respondents was examined with questions regarding health, social relations, and stress.

Background variables included university, field of study, gender, age group, and enrollment year.

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