FSD3138 Death, Loss and Memory 2014

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  • Finnish Literature Society (SKS). Archive
  • Koski, Kaarina (University of Turku. Faculty of Humanities)
  • Suomen Akatemian Mieli ja toinen -projekti


bereavement, elderly, funerals, ill health, life cycle, memory, terminally ill


The data comprise texts written by Finns about death. Themes include own death, death of a loved one and its impact on life, ideal ways to die and life after death. Finnish attitudes towards death and supernatural experiences relating to death were also written about. The data were collected in cooperation by the Archive of the Finnish Literature Society and the Academy of Finland project called Mind and the Other (SA266573), which studied the human mind and phenomena that were regarded as supernatural or paranormal.

Background information included the participant's occupation, year of birth, region of residence, and gender.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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