FSD3294 Interviews of NEET Youth and Preparatory Vocational Education Project Workers 2013

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  • Määttä, Mirja (University of Eastern Finland)


careers guidance, educational guidance, vocational education, youth, youth unemployment


The study examined a preparatory vocational education project from the perspective of NEET youth (not in employment, education or training) aged 17-24 and the project staff. Interviews were used to find out the young people's experiences of the education and guidance as well as the project staff's opinions on the services provided to young people at the transition phase from basic education to upper secondary education. The data consist of 18 interviews of young people and five interviews of project workers. The data are part of a postdoctoral research project funded by the Academy of Finland (SA 252120).

The interviews of the young people covered, among others, their experiences of open vocational studies, opportunities to influence the content of studies and life goals. The interviews of the project staff charted views of the services aimed at young people who are left without a place to study or work, training opportunities, multiprofessional work, and effects of the project on the lives of the participants.

Background information included interview date and place, and ages and genders of the interviewees.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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