FSD3317 Group Interviews of Youth Organisation Representatives 2015

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  • Taavetti, Riikka (Suomen nuorisoyhteistyö Allianssi)


citizen participation, development programmes, third sector, voluntary work, youth, youth organizations


This dataset contains 11 interviews with representatives of Finnish youth associations. The data were collected for the "Vetovoima" research project funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The objective of the project was to share best practices and to develop youth work.

The interviews discussed developments of youth association work and what could be done to develop youth work further. The interviewees considered the significance for youth organisations for promoting the youth's possibilities to influence decision-making, as well as what drives young people toward and away from youth organisations. In part, some interviews also discussed differences and similarities in youth association work in the Nordic countries as well as the inclusion of minority groups in youth associations.

Background information includes date of the interview and organisation of the interviewee.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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