FSD3411 University Students' Perceptions of Expertise 2019-2020

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  • Koskela, Iina (Tampere University)


ability, occupational life, qualifications, tertiary education, undergraduates


This dataset consists of 11 writings where generalist degree students describe their academic expertise and its development throughout their university studies. In this context, generalist degree refers to fields of study where students graduate as experts in the more broad field they studied rather than studies that lead to a specific occupational title (e.g. doctor).

In the invitation to write, the students were asked to describe their general expertise at present as well as whether they felt they were experts in some specific field. They were also asked to write about the support they had received or would want to receive from their university in developing their expertise. Additionally, the students were asked to describe their generalist degree studies and the potential benefits they thought the degree offered for working life. Central themes in the writings included studies, expertise and the abilities needed in working life.

Background information included the participant's gender, age, field of study and the year of beginning studies.

The data are only available in Finnish.

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