FSD3560 Physical Activity and Digital Gaming of Sixth-Graders 2015

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  • Kaskinen, Ari-Pekka (University of Turku)
  • Katila, Rauli (University of Turku)


children, digital games, exercise (physical activity), physical activities, schoolchildren, sport, sport spectatorship


The survey charted Finnish sixth-graders' habits regarding physical activity, watching sports, and digital gaming.

First, the respondents were asked about their exercise habits during their leisure time, both regarding physical activity without an adult's instruction (e.g. walking, playing games with friends) and with an adult's instruction (e.g. sports clubs, but excluding physical activity classes at school). Additionally, they were asked how important they felt physical activity and exercise were for them personally.

Next, the respondents' habits of watching sports, either in person or on TV or other media, were surveyed. As with physical activity and exercise, they were also asked how important they felt watching sports was to them. Finally, the respondents were asked how often they played digital games, whether the games they played related to sports, and how important playing digital games was to them.

The respondents' gender was charted as a background variable.

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