FSD3605 Interviews with Coaches and Coachees and Coaching Session Recordings from an Intermediate Labour Market Workshop 2014-2016

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cooperation, development programmes, employment, employment programmes, labour market, objectives, unemployed


The dataset consists of interviews with coaches and coachees on their thoughts and experiences regarding intermediate labour market workshop activities and their development. The data also include coaching session recordings from one workshop. The data were collected as part of the 'Building Innovation Agency through Empowering Backstage Collaboration' (BINEC) research project, funded by the Emil Aaltonen Foundation.

The interviews with the coaches examined their views on the process of developing services for the unemployed and their experiences of working with the clients. The aim was to understand the process and current state of the development of intermediate labour market services. In the interviews with the clients, questions surveyed their experiences and views regarding the activities of intermediate labour market workshops as well as their future plans. The coaching process as a whole was surveyed through the recordings of one-on-one coaching sessions. Themes of discussion in the interviews and sessions included, among others, long-term unemployment, promotion of employment, rehabilitation, Green Care, promotion of activity, and social interaction.

Background information included the date of the interview or session, type of data collected (interview or recording), participants, and the participants' role in the workshop. The data were organised into an easy to use HTML version at FSD.

The dataset is available only in Finnish.

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