FSD3665 Workplace Well-Being in the Public Sector 2016

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employees, employers, equal opportunity, job satisfaction, local government officers, personnel, public sector, religious personnel, supervisors, work-life balance, working conditions, workloads


This study charted municipal, state and church employees' experiences of work conditions and workplace well-being in Finland. The target group of the study comprised employees insured under the Public Sector Pensions Act: Finnish municipal employees, employees of government agencies and departments, and employees of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. The study was conducted by Keva, the pension provider for public sector employees in Finland.

The respondents were presented with attitudinal statements and asked to evaluate the extent to which they agreed with these statements. The first statements covered work processes, satisfaction with superiors, working climate and work atmosphere, working conditions, competence requirements, and personal development. Further statements concerned development in the workplace, work ability, coping at work, equality, and rewarding.

After the attitudinal statements, the respondents were enquired whether they had, within the previous 12 months, experienced violence or harassment by customers/clients or been bullied or treated unfairly at the workplace by colleagues or superiors. Finally, the respondents' views on their personal work well-being and its development within the previous year were charted, and they were asked whether they felt joy in their work and whether they would recommend their workplace to others.

Background variables included the respondent's occupational status, gender, type of employment contract, sector of employment, age group, and industry of employment.

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