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Upcoming data releases

FSD3483 Journalists' Views on Reporting Tragedy 2019 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-09-08
FSD3462 FSD3462 Young Women's Happiness Survey 2016 and 2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-08-27
FSD3436 PROMEQ: Health and Well-being of Vulnerable Groups in Society 2016-2018: Combined Data B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-08-19
FSD3459 Attractiveness of Teacher Education: Surveys 2020 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-08-18
FSD3458 Attractiveness of Teacher Education: Focus Group Interviews 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-08-18
FSD3461 Diaconia Barometer 2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-08-17
FSD3485 Physiological Responses to Dyadic Decision-Making Interaction 2019 C Tooltip Quantitative 2021-08-16
FSD3450 Doctoral Graduates of Year 2015: Career and Employment Survey 2018 C Tooltip Quantitative 2021-08-04
FSD3455 Finnish University Graduates of Year 2012: Career and Employment Survey 2017 C Tooltip Quantitative 2021-08-04
FSD3435 PROMEQ: Health and Well-being of People Aged 65 and Over 2017-2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-08-03
FSD3454 Finnish University Graduates of Year 2011: Career and Employment Survey 2016 C Tooltip Quantitative 2021-08-03
FSD3456 Finnish University Graduates of Year 2013: Career and Employment Survey 2018 C Tooltip Quantitative 2021-08-03
FSD3414 Eight-Graders' Experiences of Participation in the Art Testers Campaign 2018-2019 C Tooltip Qualitative 2021-07-30
FSD3548 Citizens' Pulse 8/2021 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-07-28
FSD3475 Everyday Experiences of Poverty: Self-administered Writings 2019 D Tooltip Qualitative 2021-07-27
FSD3497 Child Barometer 2020 A Tooltip Quantitative 2021-07-16
FSD3415 Finnish Views on Inequality and Support for Families with Children 2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-07-15
FSD3397 Free-time Residence Barometer 2015 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-07-15
FSD3463 Finnish Expatriates' National Identity and Political Participation 2014 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-07-15
FSD3513 ISSP 2020: Environment IV: Finnish Data B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-07-15
FSD3464 Health and Political Engagement 2016 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-07-13
FSD3418 Language Barometer 2008 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-07-13
FSD3522 Gambling Survey 2019 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-07-13
FSD3419 Language Barometer 2012 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-07-13
FSD3434 PROMEQ: Health and Well-being of Immigrants 2017-2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-07-12
FSD3393 Stories of Being Unemployed 2018 B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-07-08
FSD3283 Peer-reviewed research and doctoral dissertations related to Russia's security policy conducted in Finland between 2011-2015 A Tooltip Quantitative 2021-07-07
FSD3544 Citizens' Pulse 7/2021 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-07-06
FSD3494 EVA Survey on Finnish Values and Attitudes Autumn 2020 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-07-06
FSD3474 Multicultural Young Adults' Views on Multiculturalism in Finland 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-07-05
FSD3476 Media Use of Young Adults 2019 B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-06-24
FSD3433 PROMEQ: Health and Well-being of the Long-term Unemployed 2016-2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-06-23
FSD3390 Client Perceptions of Adult Social Work Services in Tampere 2014 D Tooltip Quantitative 2021-06-22
FSD3432 PROMEQ: Health and Well-being of Young People not in Employment or Education 2017-2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-06-18
FSD3502 Public Art in Regional Planning and Development 2018-2019 C Tooltip Qualitative 2021-06-16
FSD3395 Childhood Friendships in 20th Century Finland 2018-2019 B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-06-11
FSD3356 Finnish Perceptions of Poverty and Welfare Support 2015 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-06-11
FSD3503 Church Resignation Forms Filed in Finland: Reasons for Resigning 2020 C Tooltip Qualitative 2021-06-10
FSD3484 Vocational School Student Survey 2019 A Tooltip Quantitative 2021-06-10
FSD3404 Arts and Culture Barometer: Mobility of Art and Artists: Artist Survey 2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-06-04
FSD3412 Finnish Memories of Life-changing Teachers 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-06-04
FSD3537 Citizens' Pulse 6/2021 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-06-03
FSD3460 Residents' Experiences of the Petäjävesi Water Crisis 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-06-01
FSD3530 Citizens' Pulse 5/2021 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-05-20
FSD3527 Citizens' Pulse 4/2021 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-05-20
FSD3523 Citizens' Pulse 3/2021 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-05-19
FSD3517 Citizens' Pulse 1/2021 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-05-19
FSD3518 Citizens' Pulse 2/2021 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-05-19
FSD3493 Finnish Working Life Barometer 2019 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-05-14
FSD3281 Finnish Municipal Election Candidates 2017: Foreign Language Speakers B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-05-03