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Upcoming data releases

FSD3564 Homelessness Work in Finland: Workshop Recordings 2020-2021 C Tooltip Qualitative 2022-05-23
FSD3646 Citizens' Pulse 1/2022 A Tooltip Quantitative 2022-05-19
FSD3613 Citizens' Pulse 16/2021 A Tooltip Quantitative 2022-05-18
FSD3289 Science Communication to the Public in Cultural Research 2018 B Tooltip Qualitative 2022-05-18
FSD3599 Citizens' Pulse 15/2021 A Tooltip Quantitative 2022-05-17
FSD3509 Mental Resilience of Finnish People II 2020 B Tooltip Quantitative 2022-04-11
FSD3508 Mental Resilience of Finnish People I 2020 B Tooltip Quantitative 2022-04-11
FSD3550 School Health Promotion Study: Fourth- and Fifth-Graders in Basic Education 2019 D Tooltip Quantitative 2022-03-30
FSD3551 School Health Promotion Study: Eight- and Ninth-Graders in Basic Education and First- and Second-Year Students in Upper Secondary Education 2019 D Tooltip Quantitative 2022-03-30
FSD3572 Helsingin Sanomat Waste Survey 2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2022-03-29
FSD3428 Under 40-year-old Parents' Perceptions of Parenthood 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2022-03-24
FSD3592 Citizens' Pulse 14/2021 A Tooltip Quantitative 2022-03-23
FSD3579 Citizens' Pulse 13/2021 A Tooltip Quantitative 2022-03-23
FSD3292 Baptism and Godparenting 2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2022-03-22
FSD3536 Finnish Youth Survey 2019 B Tooltip Quantitative 2022-03-16
FSD3510 Physical Training of eSports Players 2015-2016 B Tooltip Quantitative 2022-03-15
FSD3532 Finnish Youth Survey 2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2022-02-24
FSD3466 Register Data on Vacancies Notified to Public Employment Service 2019 B Tooltip Quantitative 2022-02-17
FSD3504 Amateur Naturalism and Technology 2020-2021 B Tooltip Qualitative 2022-02-15
FSD3465 Experiences of Social and Health Services in Finland during COVID-19 Pandemic 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2022-02-14
FSD3447 Finnish Identities, Values and Attitudes 2017-2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2022-02-09
FSD3448 Identities, Values and Attitudes among Russian-, Estonian-, Somali-, and Arabic-speaking People in the Helsinki Capital Region 2018-2019 B Tooltip Quantitative 2022-02-08
FSD3507 Impacts of the COVID-19 Crisis in Finnish Parishes 2020 B Tooltip Quantitative 2022-02-02
FSD3505 Parish Employee Survey 2019 B Tooltip Quantitative 2022-01-28
FSD3506 Parish Elected Officials Survey 2019 B Tooltip Quantitative 2022-01-28
FSD3490 Suspected Cases of Child Abuse 2017 B Tooltip Quantitative 2022-01-25
FSD3391 Finnish Experiences of Volunteering with Asylum Seekers 2018-2019 B Tooltip Qualitative 2022-01-21
FSD3531 Impact of COVID-19 on the Finnish Cultural Sector 2021 B Tooltip Quantitative 2022-01-10
FSD3477 Impact of COVID-19 on the Finnish Cultural Sector 2020 B Tooltip Quantitative 2022-01-05
FSD3387 Depression and Suicidal Thoughts 2019 B Tooltip Quantitative 2022-01-04
FSD3429 Social Workers' Experiences of Political Positions of Trust 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-12-15
FSD3512 Alcohol and Drug Survey 2018 D Tooltip Quantitative 2021-11-30
FSD3480 Finnish Views on the Copyright System 2019 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-11-26
FSD3417 Experiences on Partner's Mental Health Problems in Families with Children 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-11-11
FSD3496 Finnish Opinions on Security Policy and National Defence 2020 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-11-10
FSD3366 Parliamentary Elections 2019: Responses to Union of Freethinkers of Finland Candidate Selector B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-11-01
FSD3570 Citizens' Pulse 11/2021 A Tooltip Quantitative 2021-10-14
FSD3562 Citizens' Pulse 10/2021 A Tooltip Quantitative 2021-10-14
FSD3555 Citizens' Pulse 9/2021 A Tooltip Quantitative 2021-10-14
FSD3574 Citizens' Pulse 12/2021 A Tooltip Quantitative 2021-10-14
FSD3471 Medication Management Skills of Nursing Students in Finland and the Baltic Countries 2018-2019 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-10-07
FSD3473 Finnish Memories of Game Music 2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-10-05
FSD3501 Collaborative and Sharing Economy Phenomena in Finnish Households 2019 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-10-04
FSD3487 Finnish Archaeological Finds Recording Linked Open Database: Survey on User Needs 2018 C Tooltip Quantitative 2021-09-29
FSD3486 Finnish Archaeological Finds Recording Linked Open Database: Interviews on User Needs 2018-2019 C Tooltip Qualitative 2021-09-29
FSD3408 Indebtedness and Related Feelings of Shame 2019-2020 B Tooltip Qualitative 2021-09-23
FSD3483 Journalists' Views on Reporting Tragedy 2019 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-09-08
FSD3462 Young Women's Happiness Survey 2016 and 2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-08-27
FSD3436 PROMEQ: Health and Well-being of Vulnerable Groups in Society 2016-2018: Combined Data B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-08-19
FSD3459 Attractiveness of Teacher Education: Surveys 2020 B Tooltip Quantitative 2021-08-18