School Well-being Profile


In this survey series, well-being at school is under observation. The respondents belong to four target groups: primary schools (grades 4-6), lower secondary schools (grades 7-9), upper secondary institutions, and personnel. The data are collected during each school year, and schools can independently decide in what time of the year they respond to the survey. The first datasets archived at the FSD are from the school year 2004-2005.

The School Well-being Profile is based on Anne Konu's doctoral dissertation, in which well-being at school is divided into four categories: school conditions, social relationships in school, means for self-fulfilment in school, and health status. The quantitative datasets in the series examine these categories with the help of statements and multiple choice questions. The topics in the survey are the same to all respondents, but the wording of the questions has been specifically adjusted for each target group. The data are collected through an Internet survey on the web page of the Finnish National Board of Education.