Young people as Actors in the New Era of Communication Technology 1997-2002


The data in the series studied the adoption and use of mobile phones in the lives of Finnish children, young people and families. There are over ten thousand pages of interview transcriptions. Interviewees were families, teenagers, young people, courting couples and teachers. In addition to mobile phone use, the interviews hold information about the everyday lives of Finns at the time.

Data collection started in 1997 and continued in three different projects, funded by Nokia Mobile Phones, Telecom Finland and the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. In 2001, Information Society Research Centre (INSOC), Sonera Mobile Operations and Nokia Mobile Phone carried out a research project called 'Wireless Kids - International Research on Mobile Cultures of Adolescents'. The project explored the mobile communication of children aged under 13 and of teenagers aged 13 to 18, using media ethnographic methodology.