Published 12.5.2014

Aila Data Service launched

The Finnish Social Science Data Archive has now launched its new online data service Aila which facilitates access to data. Registered users can download data online, according to the conditions set for each dataset. Browsing and searching data is possible even without registration.

Users are provided with enhanced search opportunities. There is data search which allows users to search study level information, and it is possible to restrict the search to study title, data creator, abstract or keyword. Variable search allows searching for question texts or response alternatives.

The FSD translates quantitative data into English on request, free of charge, for researchers who do not speak Finnish. The data of many studies (question texts and response alternatives) have already been translated and can be found with Variable Search. Once the requested data have been translated, it can be downloaded online. More information about access conditions, language versions provided, and translation is available on the Download tab of each dataset. If there is variable level information in English for the dataset, it has already been translated. Qualitative data are available in their original language only.

The previous FSD data catalogue is available for the time being but from now on data deliveries are executed through the Aila Data Service.

More information:

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