Published 23.8.2016

Two changes in Aila: Amendment of Terms and Conditions for Aila use, e-mail address confirmation

The FSD has updated its terms and conditions for the use of the Aila Data Service. Even previously registered users must accept the new terms and conditions before they can download more data from Aila. The system asks registered users to do this when they log in.

The amendment relates to the dissemination of personal data and is a consequence of an agreement made between the Finnish copyright society Kopiosto and the Finnish Social Science Data Archive in 2015. The agreement allows the FSD to archive and disseminate newspaper and magazine material as well as photographs collected for research but created by others. According to the agreement, the data archive must inform the society of the users (name and home organisation) of Kopiosto data. The terms and conditions have been amended to allow the archive to submit this information.

Another change in Aila relates to the situation where a registered user changes the contact email address in his or her profile. The system will send an email to the new address, asking the user to click on a link to confirm the address.

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