FSD1312 Energy Attitudes of the Finns 1999

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coal, electric power generation, energy, energy consumption, energy policy, energy prices, energy supply, environment, environmental degradation, fossil fuels, gas fuels, hydropower, non-renewable energy, nuclear energy, peat, radioactive wastes, renewable energy, wind energy


The survey charted Finnish attitudes to energy production and energy strategy. The data are part of an extensive survey series launched in 1983. Respondents' conceptions, opinions, beliefs, assessments, attitudes and knowledge about various energy issues were studied by presenting several statements relating to energy production. In addition, different energy sources (e.g. natural gas, wood energy, hydroelectric power) were evaluated in terms of production reliability, environmental friendliness, availability, degree of risk, and the impact on employment. Respondents were asked in what direction electric power production should be developed in Finland.

A set of separate questions were directed to the inhabitants of those municipalities where environmental impact assessments (EIA) relating to nuclear power had been carried out. The inhabitants were asked how actively they had followed the assessment procedure, had their knowledge of nuclear power increased, were their opinions taken into account and what kind of impact EIA had had on decision-making. Respondents rated how well the EIA procedures were carried out. The projects subjected to EIA were the final disposal of nuclear waste and the construction of a new nuclear power plant either in Olkiluoto or Loviisa.

Background variables included respondents' sex, age, region of residence, occupational group, basic and vocational education, political party preference and number of inhabitants in respondents' municipality of residence.

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