FSD2641 Call Centre Work 2005

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  • Koivunen, Tuija (University of Tampere)


customer service, gender, job satisfaction, occupational life, social interaction, wages, working conditions


The data consist of theme interviews of employees and supervisors working in call centres. The main themes were employee commitment and interaction between staff members. Other topics included gender issues, pay and its significance for employment choice, customer relations, feedback, employee-management relations, and recruitment processes.

The interviews were conducted in three call centre enterprises with locations in different parts of Finland. Several different interview shedules were used, depending on the person's role in the organisation. There were 55 interviewees. One participant was interviewed three times and another two times. Some interviewees volunteered, some were suggested by the management, and some were spontaneously chosen by the interviewers.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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