FSD3453 Implementation of Intervention Strategies for Physical Activity Promotion in Upper Secondary Schools: Interviews with Students in Teacher Education 2017-2018

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exercise (physical activity), motivation, social interaction, students (college), teacher training, teaching methods


The dataset consists of interviews with students teachers who participated in a course on motivational interaction on their experiences of practising and using interaction techniques and the usefulness of the different techniques. The courses took place in autumn 2017 and spring 2018 and were mainly aimed at student teachers of physical education. A total of 35 student teachers attended the courses, 19 of whom agreed to be interviewed. The data were collected as part of the national 'Let's Move It' research project that was piloted and implemented with the aim of increasing physical activity and decreasing sedentary behaviour in upper secondary schools. The study builds on previous findings from the 'Let's Move It' project and it received funding from the 'Forging ahead with Research' key project funding scheme.

Main themes of the interviews included the interviewees' experiences with the content of the course, the feasibility and effectiveness of motivational interventions and support for behavioural change. In relation to the content of the course, the interviewees were asked about the most useful aspects of the course and possible areas for improvement. Interview questions related to the feasibility and effectiveness of the interactional techniques were used to explore how the students practised using the techniques and which of these techniques they found particularly effective. Additionally, possible barriers to change were investigated. The interviewees were also asked about possible changes in their interaction styles, what tools they used to support these changes, and which factors had contributed to or hindered their change of style. A list of interaction techniques utilised in the course was used as stimulus material and shown to the interviewees, as well as a diary template that was used to support the change in interaction style. Throughout the interview, the aim was to obtain concrete examples of interactional situations or other experiences that had occurred in a professional role in the context of sport or during leisure time.

FSD holdings also contain a quantitative dataset related to the same research project: FSD3452 Implementation of Intervention Strategies for Physical Activity Promotion in Upper Secondary Schools: Teacher Surveys 2016-2018.

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