Checklist for using datasets in teaching

  • Terms of use for students: Students can download datasets from Aila with availability status A or B for course and seminar work as well as theses. Datasets with availability status C can be downloaded for theses and dissertations (Master's thesis and above). In some cases, students may be allowed to use datasets with availability status D requiring the researcher's permission.
  • Terms of use for instructors: Instructors can download datasets with availability status A or B for teaching purposes. If a teacher only uses parts/excerpts of the data in analysis exercises, they can be given to students electronically or on paper. If students on the course use the complete dataset, each student has to register as a user of Aila and personally download the dataset. It is important that students are instructed to examine the terms of use of research data. Students also have to be reminded to erase the dataset or excerpts of it from their own computer when no longer needed.
  • Access to a dataset is always personal, and the person downloading the dataset is always responsible for the use of the downloaded data. Each user of a dataset has to register as a user of Aila, agree to the terms and conditions of using the dataset, and only then download the data for their own use. If you share excerpts of datasets to students, kindly remind them to erase the data after use.
  • When the purpose for the use of the dataset changes, a new access application is needed. For instance, if a teacher downloads a dataset to be used for teaching on a specific course and she/he would like to use it for research or for a different course, she/he needs to apply for access again. However, the dataset does not have to be downloaded again, and it is possible to use an already downloaded, and possibly edited, dataset. If one wishes to use a downloaded dataset for the same thesis or dissertation with a slightly altered research question, a new access application is not needed.
  • Instructions for citing data: