FSD0153 World Values Survey 1996: Finnish Data

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  • Gallup Finland


child care, families, life styles, membership, moral values, party identification, political attitudes, satisfaction, voting behaviour

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The data is the Finnish subset for the 1995-1996 World Values Survey. The survey charted views of values extensively, including gender roles, child rearing, environment, employment, religion, and how society should be organised. Satisfaction with the political system and democracy was also surveyed.

Regarding child rearing, the respondents were asked which qualities and characteristics should be encouraged in a child and what children should learn at home. The respondents' membership in various organisations and associations was studied as well as their expectations and experiences of being in control of one's own life. Opinions on the ideal number of children and the position of women in society were charted. Concerning politics, the respondents were asked about their political attitudes, views of democracy in Finland, duties and obligations of the government, and the scope of corruption and bribery in the country. Also studied was the party the respondent would vote for in parliamentary elections, and the party they would not vote for under any circumstances. The respondents were also asked how their families had managed in terms of finances in the previous year. Background variables included, among others, the respondent's marital status, number of children, gender, age, education, occupation, economic activity, working hours, and household income.

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