FSD1004 Finnish Voter Barometer 1977

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  • Gallup Finland
  • University of Helsinki. Department of Political Science


elections, municipal elections, parliamentary elections, political attitudes, political behaviour, presidential elections, voting

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The variables describe the following: satisfaction in the government, conceptions about the economical development, opinions on labour market agreements on wages, interaction between voters and the parties, voting in the 1975 parliamentary elections and the 1976 municipal elections, use of suffrage, reasons for abstaining, changing one's party, important information sources in view of deciding to vote, willingness to change candidates, assessing the qualities of election candidates, voting certainty and one's candidate in electoral college elections, grounds for voting and abstaining, the importance of voting in different elections, image of the parties, interest in politics, party sympathies and antipathies, and membership in organisations. Some variables are connected with the interview situation.

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