FSD1036 Finnish Voter Barometer February 1998

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  • Gallup Finland


elections, government policy, municipal elections, parliamentary elections, political attitudes, political behaviour, political parties, voting behaviour

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The survey studied the attitudes of the Finns towards different political parties. The respondents were asked how favourably or negatively they view the Centre Party of Finland, the Finnish Social Democratic Party, the National Coalition Party, the Left Alliance, and the Green League. A number of attributes and characteristics were listed, and the respondents were asked to which party they could be applied. The respondents were also asked how well or badly the government has succeeded in its tasks: EU policy, improving the national economics, security and defence policy, taxation, protection of the environment, production of energy, housing, and taking care of the needs of various population groups in society. In addition, the respondents were asked what party they would like to see to win the parliamentary elections. Voting behaviour was studied by asking what party or group they would vote for if the elections were held at that time, and which party they voted for in the 1995 parliamentary elections and the 1996 municipal elections. In addition, the respondents were asked whether they took care of everyday shopping or cooking in the household.

Background variables included the respondent's year of birth, marital status, annual gross income, place of residence, economic activity, field of employment, membership in a trade union, and mother tongue.

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