FSD1080 EVA Survey on Finnish Values and Attitudes 1986

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  • Centre for Finnish Business and Policy Studies (EVA)
  • Yhdyskuntatutkimus


economic and social development, economic conditions, economic growth, environmental conservation, expectation, intergroup conflict, political power, social conflict, social participation, values

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The survey studied Finnish citizens' attitudes and values. Topics covered tension between "soft" and "hard" social values, decision-making and political power, environmental issues, technology, political parties, economy, economic growth, and general state of affairs in Finland. The respondents were also asked how optimistic or pessimistic they felt about their own future, and the future of Finland, Europe, and the world. One question pertained to whether certain bodies (e.g. trade unions, the government, banks, the police, big companies, universities) have too much or too little influence in Finnish society. The respondents were asked whether there was a conflict between certain groups (e.g. rich - poor, employers - employees, men - women, enterprises - environmental protection). In conclusion, the respondents evaluated the welfare, equality, safety, income disparity and situation of certain groups (e.g. the unemployed, young people, pensioners), etc. in Finland at that time, and in the future.

Background variables included the respondent's sex, age, marital status, size of the place of residence, province of residence, economic activity, basic and vocational education, trade union membership, industry of employment, participation in voluntary organisations and associations, which party R would vote for if the next parliamentary elections were held at that time, left-right political self-placement, and self-reported social class.

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